AGS Smart Modular Cabinet

AGS is the new range of modular cabinets characterised by a single welded structure. The roof, rear panel and rear uprights are manufactured from one sheet steel, whereas the front uprights, which are the same used for the AGR modular cabinet, are welded to the roof and bottom frames.

Therefore the structure is sturdy, reliable and versatile, just like the AGR modular cabinet, but at the same time, it is constructively more straightforward and more cost-effective.

As with the AGR cabinet, all the vertical uprights and the roof and bottom frame have alternating round and square holes to create a perforated grid to install the internal accessories of the AGR cabinet. The AGS cabinet can be fitted with doors, side panels, mounting plates and all the AGR cabinet's internal accessories.

Using the AGR joining kit, the AGS smart modular cabinet can be supplied assembled in joined cabinets UL Type 12, IP 55, IK 10 certified.

The AGS Smart modular cabinet is available in 36 sizes, with a width ranging from 600 mm to 1200 mm, a height ranging from 1600 mm to 2000 mm and a depth ranging from 400 mm to 600 mm and is available with single blank/window front door or double front door.

The AGS Smart modular cabinet is supplied assembled and, like all Auger products, can be modified according to customer needs. We can provide an AGS Smart cabinet with threads, holes, cut-out or fins on door and panels, threads and holes on the mounting plate, and a surface finishing different from the standard RAL 7035 textured.

Single blank door


Window Door


Double blank door